Because You’re Still in the Room


Photo Credit: David Martyn Hunt

Hey! You. Standing in the corner…

I see you.

Hugging the shadows with your eyes half-open, completely consumed by the music, you are hiding in a room full of people.

Strange…because the only person I noticed is you.

Not the band playing on stage. Not the people around me. Not even the singer standing at the mic.

Just you.

Speaking of singers and mics…you once held a mic.

When did you lay it down?

Was it after they told you that you needed to be realistic?  Was it when they said that you needed to get a “real” job?

When did you settle for a living instead of a life?

When Did You Settle For a Living Instead of a Life?

You’re still in the room.

I know you’re standing in the shadows now, but I can still see the music inside you. When everyone else is focused on the singer on stage, I see you.

There is time to step out of the shadows and away from the wall. You can make your way to the stage and step into the lights. You can choose to pick up the mic once again and sing your song.

We’re All Still In The Room

In a way, we are each looking for where we laid down the mic. We are trying to remember when we quit telling our story and singing our song.

The good news is that the night isn’t over, and the music is still playing.

You might feel afraid to take the stage once again until you climb those steps and walk to the center of the spotlight.

The key is one step. One action.

We talk about courage when we really mean valor, and so we fear we are not enough.

We talk about courage when we really mean valor,
and so we fear we are not enough.

Courage just means taking one step in the right direction.

Take the step you can see. You can do that.


Set valor aside for another day or for another hero.

Be the champion of your own life and take that step. You know what it is. You always know.

So take it…because you’re still in the room!

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Hi, I'm Steve Rice and my goal is to transform simple philosophical truths into practical fuel to revolutionize your life. It's not about self-help, it's about self-reliance. I show you how. Connect with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter and let me know how I can help you.

  • Kimmie Gibbons


    Most fantastic blog posting ever. WOW. This posting brought me to tears. Thanks for being here.

    • Steve

      Thanks, Kimmie…You know this one was for you, right? So glad it touched you. Have a great weekend, my friend.

  • Kimmie Gibbons

    Well then, that explains why it felt like it was for me 🙂 Pierced through every bit of bullshit in one second flat, and directly hit my heart and soul. I will have a great weekend, you too 🙂

    • Steve

      Great! That was what I was going for. Now you can get a better sense of the direction I’m going in here. Yes, it’s about changing thinking, but–just as importantly–it’s about taking action, even small ones, in order to transform one’s life.

  • Inspirational post Steve!

    I know we are all still in the room, just that we don’t realize it till someone tells us about it. I guess we all do get lost in our own affairs, work, jobs, homes, kids, families, work etc- that living our own lives that we like, or singing our own song as you mentioned, does take a back seat.

    This post made me realize that there have been so-so many things I always wished to do, and hoped that one day I would find time for them. Guess unless you make that deliberate effort to take out time for the things you love doing and realize that they are important to you also- nothing’s going to happen!

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder dear friend 🙂

    • Steve

      It is so easy to get wrapped up in all the superficial things of life…because they are so “in our face” and seem so urgent. It’s always great to remember that we can take a minute to refocus. And you’re right…it does take deliberate effort and a decision.

  • We all give up some of our dreams at different times in our lives. Some dreams change and grow, others we allow to languish. We can, however, at any time decide to do something- just one thing- to re-ignite the spark within us, and get back on the path to our dreams.


    • Steve

      I agree with you Chrysta…at times we set dreams aside intentionally or we grow passed them and they are no longer what we desire. But many times, we lay aside a dream or drastically downgrade our dream because we fear…at least that has been my experience. It’s difficult for me to consistently “play big”…but I”m definitely getting there and playing bigger today than I’ve ever played.

  • Hi Steve! You almost have touching articles here in your blog. Every article you have wrote here are very inspirational and touching. When I was young, I was a little bit shy always hiding inside my room. But I just realize that I miss a lot of things, even our family reunion. As I dream further that I can interact with other people. My social ability began to take adventure. Thanks to your write up.

    • Steve

      Thank you SO much, Tracyann. That means a lot. I am so thankful for your stopping by to read them. I can relate to you. When I was young, I was very insecure and I look back at things…like my time at university…and realize how much I did miss because I was so afraid.

      So happy you’re taking life in your own hands! Keep up the great work.

  • It is not easy, but I am working hard at taking steps in the right direction daily. It is continual progress that will get me somewhere in life. No matter how big of a step that I take, anything is better than nothing. I cannot let another day go by that I make no progress. Time is short and far to valuable for me to waste.

    I am trying to teach myself that actions speak louder than words and the only way for me to do that is with practice.

    I want to be that person that never has to speak because their actions do all the speaking for them. When I walk into a room, I do not want to have to say anything, but instead I want it to already be understood.

    Hope that makes sense!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • Steve


      Thanks so much for stopping by my site!

      I’m really excited that you are taking daily steps to make progress in your life, despite the challenges. That’s the key. Keep it up!

      I think your objective to let your actions speak for you is truly admirable. I am one of those people who finds it easy to talk a good game, but I’ve found that backing it up with honest action is the greatest power. It builds confidence, a feeling of competence in the eyes of other people, and a sense of pride within ourselves.

      You’re on the right track. I’m rooting for you!

      • Hey Steve,

        Thank you for the support. Actions speak louder than words is one favorite phrases. When I look around at the successful people, I see that they do not spend too much time talking, but rather more time working. In my Math class, there is this one kid that never talks, but instead he just pays attention and stays focused. I could tell that he means business because on our first test he had the highest score!

        I am trying to live an learn, at least a thing or two from someone who is on the right track.

        Keep working hard!

        God bless,
        William Veasley

        • Steve

          This is the key! I think you’ve nailed it. Find the person who’s successful and watch and learn from them. Thanks for your kind comments and wonderful insights.

  • Courage over valor! I love it.

    • Steve

      Thanks, Ellie Di! I know I left you a comment on your recent post, but that is exactly what I was referring to! Courage is in the small, consistent steps.

  • “When Did You Settle For a Living Instead of a Life?” YES!
    Thank you Steve, great post 🙂

    • Steve

      Thanks, Emmanuelle. I appreciate you stopping by and checking out my “place” 🙂