Be Kind

Today I Was Unkind to Myself

When I got into my car after work, I felt like crap.

Not physically.  Work wasn’t particularly stressful. No terribly cranky customers to deal with. I have no excuse.

Negativity swirled around me.  The darkest side of me relished it. If there was a negative conversation, I wanted to hear it and add my energy to it.  My nostrils were filled with the stench of it.

Feeding the Beast Drained Me

I mindlessly lavished my precious life time like cash raining down over a greedy whore.  The negativity scooped it up and siphoned it like fuel from a gas tank, until the day was done.

I was left with nothing of value.  Except perhaps this story.

A Simple Lesson in Kindness

Be Kind.

That’s all.  I failed to be kind to myself today.  I did not respect myself. I did not honor myself. I did not demand the best of my soul to show up.  I was lazy.

The only person I harmed today was me.  Whenever I am unkind to others–even in my internal attitude–the less kindness I have shown first to myself.

I Am Resolved

This is my resolution:

I will love and respect myself. I will spend the time necessary to nurture my insecurities so that they may not be turned as weapons on another. I will be gracious to myself so that I can extend grace to another. I will fill my soul with gratitude until it overflows.

Then I will reach out in kindness to my brothers and sisters. I will not turn my soul’s eye from their deep hurt. May the love that burns within me flood my life with an unquenchable flame and ravish the hearts of  humanity for we are all one of each other.  (Lest I forget)

About Steve

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  • Steve, the sentiment is great but I think you can cut yourself some slack. Your brain naturally ebbs and flows between negativity and positivity. What’s more important is that you caught yourself and tried to change. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Thanks, Tony. For me it is important to become aware of the patterns in my mind–positive or negative. I didn’t intend to indicate that I was beating myself up over this excessively…

      I mostly wanted to point out the realization I came to that as I was judging and criticizing circumstances and people around me, what was really going on was that I was being unkind to myself. I was disappointed in myself and chose to point that disappointment outward and project it toward others instead of resolving the core issue.

      In this case, awareness is everything. Once I became aware, I was able to extend kindness once again—to myself and others.

  • We’ve all been there, but how many of us come to the realization you did and put it into practice? I’d say on the whole it was a good day 🙂 Way to pay attention.

    • Hi, Julie . Thanks for stopping by my place. It was a wonderful lesson to learn. It really showed me that the subtle unkindnesses can sometimes be the most heartbreaking because they are violations against the self/soul. Thanks for your kind encouragement.

      I need to have you on my podcast sometime soon!