“Be Careful Little Eyes…” & The Truth About Perspective

Photo Credit: Samuel Johnson

“You seem really driven,” she said.  This, from a woman I had never met before.

Is that how people see me? I was startled.

It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself and the world through someone else’s eyes.  This observation can develop into a debilitating belief or it can become a powerful tool for transformation.  You choose!

Try it.  What did you learn about yourself?

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Hi, I'm Steve Rice and my goal is to transform simple philosophical truths into practical fuel to revolutionize your life. It's not about self-help, it's about self-reliance. I show you how. Connect with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter and let me know how I can help you.

  • They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So if you want to look at the true attitude of one’s person, start to look at their eyes. Yes, you are right that when you want to learn and see the beauty of the world, you will start to look at the eyes of other people. eyes is not only used in seeing wonderful thing but it can also sees the true meaning of what life can bring you.

    • Steve

      This is such a wise insight, Tracyann!

  • Great point, Steve. Understanding how other people see you should be transforming. You learn a little more about yourself, and you understand a little more on how you can build on your strengths. Getting that perspective and doing something with it are great choices to make! Jon

    • Steve

      Thanks for stopping by, Jon! Always appreciate your kind support here and on Twitter.

      It really is about seeing ourselves as we really are (and not how the voices in our heads tell us we are). From a realistic and more objective view of ourselves, then we can really build on our strengths as you pointed out. It’s much easier to build on our strengths than to try and make our weaknesses (or perceived weaknesses) into strengths.

  • I’ll give it a try, how do you see me, Steve? 🙂

    Some months ago I anonymously posted “Free Positive Thoughts” and “Free Compliments” on the bulletin board in the breakroom at work. Apparently I wasn’t as anonymous as I thought as several people knew it was me. When I asked them why they thought it was me, each person replied to the effect, “because you’re the most positive person in the building!” I’ve been found out!

    Have a grateful day!


    • Steve

      AWESOME! Love it, Chrysta. Hmm…well, obviously I don’t know you “in person” but I think you have a heart of deep compassion. I think you’re highly intelligent and a good friend (if I had to guess).

      I love the idea of sharing this info hmmm…wonder how I can incorporate it into my life better? Off to stew about this one.

  • I believe when your looking at a person you can actually know what kind of people are they. I do agree with tracyann, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.