Answering the Question – How?

Last week, I asked you What do you want from life?  This week I’m following up with a video on your biggest fear. It may not be what you imagine it to be.

Think about that thing–whatever it is–that you want to obtain.  An ideal relationship? A perfect job? A more healthy body?

Once you get really clear about what it is you want, you’ll probably notice that your mind goes into panic mode.  In fact you might feel like the lone player in a dodge ball* match with your own brain.

Your brain wants to know how you will find the right person. How will you connect to the right people? How will you find the time? You’re mired and sinking rapidly in the quicksand of “how?”

Volley after volley hurls toward you.  How? How? How?

This week’s video talks about the first step to freeing yourself from this barrage.

duration: 2 min 8 secs

What about you? What do you fear when it comes to answering “how”?

*dodge ball is a common children’s game where a large rubber ball is thrown across a center line between two teams…the object is to dodge the ball and be the last person “out” on the team.


What Do You Want from Life?

What kind of career do you want? What do you want your primary relationship to look like?  What type of body do you want (and are you willing to work to maintain)?

You’ve probably asked yourself these questions. You may have even gotten some great answers.  But the hard part comes with actually implementing the actions that will give you the results you say you want.

And I think I’ve found a simple shift in how this question is asked which can make a big difference in the answers you come up with, and consequently, the results you produce.

Are You Asking the Wrong Question?

(duration 1 min 57 sec)

In this short video, I share the question I believe you should be asking and some thoughts about taking the next step which will move you beyond what seems to be setting you back.

Will You Do Me a Favor?

In the previous post, I created a short, inspirational video for you. This video is more of a “teaching” video. These were the top two types of videos you said you wanted to see from me (on Facebook).

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Now it’s over to you!


Inspirational VIDEO – You Are Enough

I’ve been wanting to do video for some time.  This is my first real attempt at it.  You all said (on Facebook) you wanted inspirational videos and instructional videos.  This falls into the first category.

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Sorry this isn’t captioned.  Here is the larger poem this piece is taken from.


My Friend’s Mom Is Dying…

…Right Now.

“Nothing more we can do,” they say.  An ER nurse for years, the tables turn. They now discharge her to hospice care.

I grieve.  I hurt.

For my friend.  For his family. For the sense of powerlessness that I feel, confronted in his mother’s imminent death by my own sense of mortality.

Hopeless.  Such a devastating and powerful word–this illusion called hopelessness.

You see, it’s not true.  She has deep faith–the kind that’s rooted in the earth of her soul and spreads it’s branches high toward heaven.

redwood topsShe is not hopeless.  In these last hours, she rests against the breast of God, and I imagine she can nearly see God’s face.

Death is not a loss of life, but an expansion of it–true ETERNAL life.
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We grieve for what we are losing. But for her, death is passing through a door.  It’s finally arriving home after a long double-shift in life’s ER and slipping out of her old, cancer-torn scrubs.

I’m Jealous

Of her courage in life.  Of what she can see from there that I can’t.  Of what she now knows that I have yet to learn.

I pray that I find the same courage and grace to live.  

Fearless. Now. Today.


How to Land Your Dream Job with Confidence…Even If the Interview Process Terrifies You

You Deserve to Land Your “Dream Job”

Everyone wants to land their “dream job.”  If you’ve done so already, congratulations!  That is no small feat.

If you are like I was and are floundering a bit wishing things were different, but not quite sure how to make that happen, take heart.  You can succeed.  It will take some clarity, focus, and a little bit of old-fashioned persistence (i.e., stubbornness); but you can find–and land–your ideal job.

And why not?  You deserve it.  This is your life, after all.  You might as well live it according to the highest vision you have for yourself.

Last week, I shared why many of us fail to identify our ideal job.  This article, however,  is about helping you land the job you love by increasing your confidence by creating a story that will position you to obtain that job once you get the interview.

[Read more…]


Are You Making This Mistake When It Comes to Uncovering Your Ideal Job?

What Is Your Dream Job?

Do you feel like you’re at a dead end road in your search for your “dream job”? It can be really frustrating.  I know from personal experience as this is an obstacle I’ve faced a couple of times over the past 20 years.

Most of us start off all wrong when we set out to do work that matters to us.  In the online space today, there are a lot of people on the internet who will encourage you to start your own business or do your “own thing”.  And that’s fine…for some people.  But not everyone is an entrepreneur, and honestly, most people probably shouldn’t become one.  It’s terrifying and risky, but can also be exhilarating and rewarding.

The truth is that you don’t have to start your own business to be happy doing work that you love.  You can find happiness working under someone else’s roof.  But the first step is to identify the work that “makes you sparkle,” as a friend of mine says. [Read more…]


It’s Independence Day!

Freedom–The Most Powerful Human Idea?

Broken Chain Link Here in the United States we are celebrating Independence Day.  With that celebration, we hear words like “liberty” and “freedom” bantered around.  But what do they truly mean for you and me?

Obviously, within the context of politics and national identity, these concepts have radically different meanings for each person.  I don’t really want to get distracted by those ideas and concepts because I believe that one of the–perhaps the most important idea of human development lies cradled within the hands of liberty. [Read more…]


026: AWAKE! Podcast – Personal Freedom and the Space Between Stimulus and Response

The Space of Freedom

Awake Podcast Logo

The power of our potential lies in the space between what happens in our lives (stimulus) and what we think, feel and do about it (response).

This episode explores the the idea of personal freedom and how to expand this space between stimulus and response to enhance self-control and personal empowerment.

I also share the difference between reaction and response and how a subtle shift can make a huge difference in the outcomes you create.

Duration: 14:09


Ask a Better Question, Get a Better Answer

Asking the Right QuestionQuestion Mark

Personal performance expert Tony Robbins is known around the world for his ability to help people create motion  in their lives.

One of the most powerful insights I learned from him is expressed in this quote.

“Quality questions create a quality life.
Successful people ask better questions,
and as a result, they get better answers.”

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What to Do When You Don’t Fit In

Why am I here?

Puzzle piece with eyes looking out of itRemember your first day at a new school?

Maybe it was grade school.  Maybe in university.  The gut-gnawing uncertainty. People  everywhere, yet you feel so alone.  You just want to go hide somewhere.

Life can feel like that, can’t it?

Why am I here? Why can’t I seem to get my stuff together? Why does everything seem to fall into place for others and never for me? [Read more…]