Feel Like Your Life Is Passing You By?


You don’t need more Self-Help.

You have taken all the courses.

You have read the books.

You have attended the seminars but there’s something missing!


You need Self-Confidence!

Trust the wisdom of your own soul…

Decide to make your own life fantastic!


Here’s The Deal…

Photo of Author, Steve RiceAt one time or another, we have all faced a turning point. What makes the difference; however, is how we act in those moments, and the responses with which we answer life’s big questions.

I’m Steve Rice, and I can help you take on your big questions—the ones that are keeping you up at night, draining your energy and, frankly, pissing you off—and together, boil them down into the practical answers you need to move forward in your life!

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Call Me…

A connector of ideas.

Big-picture, path-carver.

Precise problem-solver.

Or even—my favorite–skillful soul-shaker.

Whether you feel overwhelmed with choices, underwhelmed with options, or just not sure what your next step is, I can help you get things straight in your heart so you can get them straight in your head!

You’ll have more peace knowing that you are on the right track.

You’ll move forward with greater confidence that can only come from within, and you’ll experience more gratitude knowing that the work you are doing matters.

BONUS: You’ll feel more powerful, knowing that you already have everything you really need, therefore you can act with INTENTION. What could be better than that?

It Isn’t Self-Help…It’s Self-Reliance!

And at the end of the day, once you make the right connections that your soul has been urging you to make…that’s really all you need to experience real transformation in your life experience.  Let me show you the way.

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