2:001 AWAKE! Podcast – How Can I Feel Good Living in this Physical Form?

A Brand New Format!

The AWAKE! Podcast has found its voice! I am switching to a question and answer format for the podcast in order to provide practical answers to listener questions.  If you would like to submit your own question for the podcast, visit the podcast question page.

Show Notes

Season 2: Episode 1 – How to Feel Good Living in this Physical Form.
(Duration: 15 min, 56 sec)

Listener Question:
How can I feel good about being here in human form in this body? It seems like a terrible hassle to me. Like there’s so much unsafety out in the world that’s seemingly lurking to get me–when I know that there is a part of myself that is higher and beyond all of it.

How can I get in touch with living from the place where that self is the one I identify with rather than the dense, or scared self?

The AWAKE! Answer:
Great question, “Hassled”!

Your experience of life is the human experience.  Here are a few insights that will help you shift your focus so you can be happy here and now.

1. Ask “What are the beliefs I have about life which no longer serve me?”

If you can begin to challenge the paradigm; you can begin to change the paradigm.

Tweet: If you can begin to challenge the paradigm; you can begin to change the paradigm. via @stevenerice

2. What are the new beliefs you’d like to adopt regarding your life?

If you can reduce resistance to what is, you’ll automatically reduce the amount of discomfort and frustration in your life. When you feel frustrated, ask, “what are my expectations of life?”

If you can find a way to take yourself to gratitude, you will return to your Source.  You’re never truly disconnected from your Source…only when you believe that this is the case.

Fear is a natural emotion. You can heed its message and release it without anxiety.

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