12-Step Program for “Epic Shit” Addicts

“My name is Steve, and I am an addict.” I am addicted to doing epic shit.

Young Me--Can u tell it was the 90's?

Right out of college, I seriously looked into running a small resort in the Caribbean (which I never ended up buying).

Several years later, I started and failed in my first (different) business.

Most recently, I decided to write, publish and promote my first book–on my own.

What Is an “Epic Shit” Addict?

An epic shit addict is someone (generally a dreamer/big picture thinker) who is addicted to the chase for everything “epic.”

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“I’ve got to find my passion…I know I have a greater purpose in life!”

‘I just have to find the right thing–the thing that really matters–to apply myself to.”

“My problem isn’t commitment. Once I know what I’m supposed to do, I’ll be 100%, ‘all-in’!”

Are you chronically discontented with your reality…even when that reality shifts?

I got bad news for ya…you might be an “epic shit” addict!”

How Do You Know if You’re an Addict?

Do you constantly strive to do more work that “matters”?

Do you struggle to find a way to integrate your life’s purpose with your career and livelihood–no matter what job you have?

Are you always waiting for, searching for, or trying to build a powerful and connected relationship with the “right one”?

The Flip Side of Achievement

In Western culture, we struggle to work hard for everything.

We are determined.  We are persistent. We are go-getters.

As over-achievers, we have become deeply dissatisfied with life. We’re constantly striving for “epic-ness” in order to prove something to ourselves (or others).

We want to find our “epic” purpose.  (i.e.  “What I was meant to do.”)

We want an “epic” career.  (i.e.  not the one I have now)

We want to chase an “epic” adventure.  (‘cuz Chris Guillebeau is doing it)

I Think We Got It Bass Ackwards!

I’m not saying don’t be disciplined.

I’m not saying don’t nurture a vision for what is possible.

I’m not saying don’t be determined.

What I Am Saying…

The need for “more” (i.e. the addiction to all things “epic”) comes from the darkest place in the human mind–the place of lack.

Don’t look for “epic-ness” to define you.  By all means, do epic shit, but do it because it is an expression of your own unique power and presence.

Even if you scale the tallest peaks on earth or travel to every country or visit all the continents, you will be disappointed.

Create your life from this space instead: I need nothing.

Then go out and conquer the world…but I have a feeling that you may find that you no longer have anything to prove.

Who Are You, Really?

This morning I watched an interview with Deepak Chopra in which he said that his goal is to “do less and accomplish more…and eventually do nothing and accomplish everything.”

My head nearly exploded.  Especially as a spiritual teacher myself.  My heart/intuition/soul says, “yes, yes, YES!” when I hear something like this.

But my mind rolls its eyes, lets out a loud, sarcastic sigh and says, “Okay, now let’s be realistic.”

Realism blinds us to the power of what is possible.

If you will recognize the following simple truth, it will change everything!

You–the real, powerful, infinite you–reside outside of your body.  It is merely a tool by which you express yourself in this space/time continuum.

Your body is the room that defines the space of your life, but it is not the light, air and energy that fills that room.

You are the power.  You are the life force.  You are the spirit.

The 12-Steps

Empowerment comes from community. Feel free to let me know if you’re an epic shit addict in the comments below. What are some of the crazy things you’ve chased?

Have you been able to overcome the need for more striving and struggle or are you still working on it?

Please share this post on Facebook or Twitter if it has been helpful.

Also, I made you a cool downloadable copy of this 12-Step as a PDF so you can print it and hang it up in your home or office. Just click here.

About Steve

Hi, I'm Steve Rice and my goal is to transform simple philosophical truths into practical fuel to revolutionize your life. It's not about self-help, it's about self-reliance. I show you how. Connect with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter and let me know how I can help you.

  • Love the 12 Steps!

    • Steve

      THanks so much, Jeanine. Did you see the downloadable copy? They were mostly for me…I have them hanging in my office, but thought others might be able to use them. 🙂 Thanks for checking it out.

  • Steve, I love this fresh perspective, and I dig where you’re going with it.

    I love the focus on power, spirit, and more.

    All that said, I’d like to add some clarification 🙂

    “The need for “more” (i.e. the addiction to all things “epic”) comes from the darkest place in the human mind–the place of lack.”

    I think the DESIRE for MORE comes from a place of satisfaction and abundance.

    Life would be stagnant if no human being wanted MORE. Wanting more to me, is beautiful and spiritual and a core part of who I am and what I stand for.

    In fact, people have been tweeting this line from a guest post I did recently: “People reaching for more is the backbone of entrepreneurship.” ( )

    Anyway, when it comes down to it, I think we’re saying the same thing, it’s when we’re dis-satisfied with life and *needing* more that it becomes more of an obstacle than a help, I’d say.

    • Steve

      Hi there, Jason! Thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad you made that distinction more clear! That’s exactly what I was getting at. So often we become addicted to the “need” for more in order to feel more powerful, worthy, relevant, etc. It is the need that comes from a spiritual place of lack…not the desire.

      As you point out, desire is absolutely essential for us to continue to grow. Without desire, we would not move forward. Without desire we would not know the difference of contrast between “this” and “that”.

      Thanks so much for adding such powerful insight to the conversation. (I’m off to jump over to your site and connect on FBTwitEtAl)

      • I felt we were on the same wavelength 🙂 Loving it, Steve, and I saw you join the Ryze facebook — thanks man, I really appreciate it 😀

        We can all be whatever we want, whenever we want — being is a pretty easy thing. Reminds me of DJ Tiesto – Just Be.

        • Ooooh, I’m so glad you two are connected!!! You’re 2 of my favorite guys 🙂

          Steve, you’ve shared so many powerful quotes here; I’m gonna have fun tweeting 🙂

          Thanks for the helpful printout too (it’s going on my wall as well!) 😉


          • lol… fancy meeting you here, Kesha 🙂

            It’s funny, I used to make wall print-outs all the time… maybe I should bring ’em back? 😀

            • Steve

              Kesha is amazing! So glad we’re friends.

          • Steve

            Thanks, Kesha! I’m so glad to connect with Jason too! Glad these quotes inspired you. So grateful for you in my “network”!

        • Steve

          Glad to be connected on FB. That’s the same way that I keep connected to people and the blogs I want to follow. Appreciate your comments and your thoughts. Enjoyed checking out your site.

  • Loved this one! I especially relate as a former perfectionist and overachiever. I loved the 12 steps that you provided too. I still like to do epic sh*t though, I’ll admit. It’s just much easier now that I don’t force it. I try my best to show up where guided and let the universe take care of the deets 🙂 

    • Totally get it, Lisa! I guess my point wasn’t so much that a person shouldn’t do epic shit…as I said in the post…”by all means, do epic shit, but do it because it is an expression of your own unique power and presence.”

      And I think you actually are SO on the right track with this. You’ve tapped into your unique presence and are creating some really amazing cosmic waves in the Universe. You inspire. Keep going, girl!

  • Totally with this, Steve. Our job is not to say “what”. Our job is to say “yes”.

    • Hola, amigo mio…te he extrañado muchísimo…but I’m so grateful that you stopped by! I need to swing by ur site soon and catch up as I’ve been out of the loop.

      Moving forward in life is one of the hardest things because we want to get into our heads and work SO hard at doing it…instead of taking action and trusting that the results will follow.

  • Love this. Number 3 and number 10 are BIG for me,

    • Thanks so much, @twitter-1067400108:disqus .These all came from my own experience. Number 3 is a biggie for me too! 🙂