024: AWAKE Podcast – 5 Steps To Doing Your Life’s Work Every Day!

Interview with Denise Barreto – Part 2

Duration: 25:18

Image of Denise Barreto

Author, Denise Barreto

This is the second part of a 2-part discussion with Denise Barreto, author of the book, From Here to There: 5 Steps to Doing Your Life’s Work Every Day.  

(Check out Part One here)

Denise has identified a 5-step process that will allow you to do your life’s work no matter where you are in your career or life journey.

Denise asserts that you do not need to be an entrepreneur to pursue your life’s work.  You can do your life’s work right where you are right now!

In this episode, Denise and I discuss each of the 5 steps of the process in detail and Denise shares some great insights on how you can apply this process in your own life!

Learn more about Denise and her mission at Relationships Matter Now!

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  • Sounds like an interesting discussion Steve!

    I guess once we chalk out how and where we want to head in life, finding the ways can be easy. However, we need that determination and will to carry out those ways – isn’t it? I agree with Denise that we can do our life’s work right where we are.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂