017: AWAKE! Podcast – How to Develop Confidence and Courage

The only way to produce confidence is to be courageous enough to face your fears and step into them.  Taking action, produces results and creates momentum.

Results + Momentum = Confidence

Often we get sidetracked evaluating our options.  Make a decision, take action, then evaluate.  The time to evaluate is after you’ve begun to produce results.

This episode will teach you how to build courage in trusting your intuition. You will learn several ways to identify that you are on the “right track”.

You’ll also learn why it is so essential that you begin to create results in order to build confidence.


About Steve

Hi, I'm Steve Rice and my goal is to transform simple philosophical truths into practical fuel to revolutionize your life. It's not about self-help, it's about self-reliance. I show you how. Connect with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter and let me know how I can help you.

  • Rachel Smets

    Hey Steve, Confidence is really my favorite topic, and it regards us all and in all areas of our lives!
    The number one confidence hack that I mention in my book is what you talk about here too: TAKE ACTION!
    Confidence wont fall from the sky and wont grow when you stay in your comfortable, safe couch! 🙂

    ~ Awaken YOUR Confidence~! ~

    PS: we should create a podcast together some time. That will burst of tips for everyone!

    Keep inspiring,